Ford Motor Company X-Plan


You can obtain discounts on Ford vehicles through Ford’s Partnership Recognition Program. 

You can contact 1-877-975-2600 or obtain information via the internet at


Please note that the IHB’s vendor code is: XB350.


The Plan is based on the use of Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) in conjunction with the last 4 positions of your social security number to obtain a discount on eligible new Ford Motor Company vehicles.  You will be required to show proof of employment or membership at the time you take delivery of your vehicle.


You obtain your discount by doing the following:


Step 1:  Generate your PIN by calling 1-877-975-2600 or by accessing


Step 2:  Visit your local Ford dealer with the PIN and immediately identify yourself as a Partner Recognition participant.  Provide your PIN and the last 4 positions of your Social Security number to verify your eligibility.


Step 3:  Provide proof of employment through a recent pay stub, company ID or W-2.  Please note that business cards will not be accepted as proof of employment.


Step 4:  Select your new vehicle.


Step 5:  Request vehicle invoice from sales representative to confirm plan price.


Step 6:  Discuss financing options.


Step 7:  Drive home in your new Ford!