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Thursday, March 7, 2002

The IHB is today announcing a restructuring of the company’s commercial efforts. The restructuring will enable the IHB to better meet the needs of its current and future customers and their changing railroad needs.

Effective March 7, 2002, John R. Szamatowicz is appointed Senior Manager, Business Development. John will oversee the IHB’s commercial efforts and industrial development. He will report to Derek J.R. Smith, Comptroller. John has served as Manager of Marketing and Industrial Development for the IHB since 1989. Prior to that, John held several positions in both the marketing and accounting departments of the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad, where he worked for 18 years. John obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management in 1980 from Calumet College and an Associates degree in 1970 in Business from Thorton Community College. John is currently president of the Calumet Suburban Transportation Association, an industry traffic association, and has also served on the association’s Board of Directors for several years. John also serves as a member of the American Railway Development Association.

Paula K. Wratten has been appointed to the position of Account Executive, effective March 7, 2002. She will report to John Szamatowicz. Paula has worked in a variety of clerical positions since she began work at the IHB in 1974, including positions in Maintenance of Equipment, Labor Relations, Revenue Accounting and the IHB’s Sales and Marketing Department.

Leo A. Pauwels, an Account Executive, will also report to John Szamatowicz.




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