The Voice Response Unit (VRU) is a computerized system that voices information for the individual calling in.  The VRU is accessed by dialing a toll free number:  1-877-201-4263.  The VRU welcomes the caller and asks the caller to enter his/her employee id number followed by his/her password.  The password used on the VRU is the same password used with his/her RACF ID.  The VRU requires all passwords to be 8 numbers long.  The VRU does not recognize alpha or special characters.

Once the VRU verifies the individual calling in, the VRU will voice the number of outstanding hours of service reports that must be completed promptly.  The VRU then instructs the caller to enter selection or press star (*) for the menu.

VRU Menu Options:

For Crew Board Standing: Option 1

For Marking Up: Option 3

For Miscellaneous Inquiries: Option 4

For Temporary Telephone Number Changes: Option 5

To Change your Password: Option 6

Option 1 – Crew Board Standing:  The VRU voices the employee’s craft, turn and rest status.  It then gives information about the employee’s job status.  For extra board employees, the VRU voices any vacancies protected by the extra board.

Option 3 – When an employee marks up through the VRU, it announces they have been marked up, and then gives the date, time and a confirmation number.  The VRU continues with the employee’s board standing, including vacancies.

Option 4

Miscellaneous Inquiries:

For Crew Board Standing: Option 1

For Extra Board Standing: Option 5

For Extra Board Vacancies: Option 6

Option 5 – Temporary Telephone Number Changes – Employees have the ability to add, change or delete temporary telephone numbers using the VRU.  When adding or changing a number, they must specify a duration in hours for the number, up to a maximum of 24 hours.

Option 6 – Employees also the ability to change their password thru the VRU.  The process requires them to enter the new password twice, just as if they were at a system terminal.  The employee receives a verbal confirmation their password has been changed.